American Fab supports Prime and Sub-Prime Defense Contractors, Automotive OEM’s and their sub tiers as well as Industrial markets. American Fab is committed to providing cutting edge fabrication  results to surpass our customers’ expectations. We are fabrication professionals with a wide variety of capabilities. American Fab is a small business with the ability to compete with our larger competitors, while maintaining the personable customer service. We serve a variety of markets that require custom engineering, laser cutting, press brake, mig welding, tig welding, robotic welding, and CNC machining. 


American Fab is skilled at providing both fabricated and machined parts for military defense vehicles nationwide. These components require custom manufacturing processes in heavy gauge materials. American Fab provides material certifications, 100% serialized traceability and detailed inspection reports for all components. We are proud to be a Michigan based company manufacturing key components vital to support our military personnel. We have consistently processed many components for military platforms such as MRAP / MATV / LAV / HMMW / FMTV / MBT. 


American Fab understands that not all customer needs can be put in to common categories. We pride ourselves on having the ability to work with customers and their standard or unique manufacturing requests. Our commitment is to provide fabricated parts and services that exceed your expectations and quality standards.