Military Vehicle Platforms and other Military Products supported

American Fabricated Products is experienced with providing fabricated parts, machined parts, and weldments for military defense vehicles and storage solutions nationwide. Many of these components require specialized manufacturing processes in various types and gauges of material. We provide material certifications, 100% traceability and detailed inspection reports for all components we supply.

American Fabricated Products is proud to be an independent American-owned small business manufacturing many key components necessary to support our Nation’s fighting men and women. In support of military vehicles we have processed literally hundreds of defense components for such platforms as MRAP / MATV / LAV / HMMW / FMTV / MBT and many others.

Structural Interior
Antenna Mounts
Spare Tire Brackets
Window Frames
Light Mounts
Door Latches
TGPK Armor Turret
Armor Components
Battery Boxes
Shipping Containers
Weapons Storage
Antenna Weldments

Our staff is committed to providing cutting edge fabrication, outstanding customer support and a wide variety of capabilities to exceed our customers’ expectations such as:

  • Reverse Engineering featuring Solidworks, AutoCAD, and Bysoft
  • MasterCam2017 used for all Programming
  • Fabricated and machined parts for military vehicles with 100% serialized traceability
  • Detailed inspection reports for components, weldments, and assemblies
  • A wide variety of capabilities able to accommodate production quantity, unique manufacturing requests, and prototypes

American Fab provides full-service solutions for metal fabrication and machined parts since 2008. We offer innovative solutions including CNC machining, laser cutting, reverse engineering, and other value-added services. We are committed to consistently meet customers’ expectations for price, quality, and delivery while creating a clean safe work environment.